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Facebook Live Information from 9/25/20 and Attendance Group Change Form

Fairview Families,
Since March, our district has planned for the safe and healthy return to in-person instruction for our students and educators, while staying focused on the impact the decisions we are making have on our parents and families.
Last week, the Kentucky Department of Education and the Kentucky Department for Public Health issued to districts a metric-directed framework to assist school officials in determining the mode of instruction (i.e., in person, virtual, or hybrid) in Kentucky schools. This matrix applies during the COVID-19 pandemic when 1) statewide test positivity is less than 6% and 2) healthcare resources are available to meet community needs.
As stated in the metric, districts are required to only offer virtual instruction when their county’s COVID-19 positive rate results in their county being red on the map and to consider virtual instruction when their county is orange on the state map. Our county was orange last week and continues to be orange this week with positive cases increasing daily in our county.
As indicated in communication and data publicly released by local health providers in our community earlier this week, the availability of healthcare resources to meet the needs of our community is a huge concern at this time due to the rising numbers. The possibility of staying on virtual instruction only and the possibility of returning to full-time in-person instruction have both been considered. Neither of these options individually meet the needs of our students and families, while considering the healthcare resources available to our students, families, and community in our current situation and the needs of our students to return to school in person. In looking at the big picture of our current situation and keeping the health and safety of everyone as our number one priority, we will return to in-person instruction in small groups (14 or less) for two hours daily starting September 28, 2020.
Consistency is needed right now and this plan will allow consistency in the return of our students until we are able to return to full-time in-person instruction under the seven options previously planned before this new information was received last week. By returning to in-person instruction through this small group model with targeted instructional services, we can provide consistency with students attending in-person classes regularly instead of returning to in-person instruction full-time and switching back and forth from virtual to in-person frequently by making a weekly decision based on the color of our county on the map. We are hopeful that the positive rate for our county will decrease soon and the number of individuals requiring hospitalization will decrease so that adequate community healthcare resources are available to meet the needs of our community members. We want to return to fulltime in-person instruction as soon as we can do so and it not negatively influence the health and safety of our students, families, and community.
In follow-up to the information shared yesterday on the Facebook Live and posted on this page, a Google form has been developed to allow families the opportunity to submit a request for an attendance group (morning, afternoon, evening, or NTI/virtual) change based on the assignments they received from their child’s school yesterday evening. This form will allow you to request a change to the last enrollment option you selected when we were returning under 7 options to one of the 4 new attendance groups - morning, afternoon, evening, NTI/virtual. If you do not need to change your child’s assigned attendance group, it is not necessary for you to complete this new google form. We are asking that you submit the form before midnight tonight if you need to make a request so that we can complete the necessary changes before Monday. Someone from the school district will contact you as soon as your form has been processed.
Attendance Group Change Form -
Mode of Instruction Metric with Colors -
County and statewide test positivity map with color coding

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