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Important Announcement Regarding Football Ticket Sales and Seating Information

Important Announcement...
Football Ticket Sales
Please understand that the decisions involved in football sales are quite complicated like other decisions being made at this time and are based on information, guidance, and requirements received by the district.
Some districts are not choosing to sell public tickets at this time, however we are under the following plan.
There will be approximately 150 tickets available for public sale for Friday Night’s Homecoming/Senior Night Game against Morgan County. These are in addition to four tickets that have been made available through evening presale for all students involved in Friday’s game.
Tickets will be sold Thursday, September 10, 2020 at Fairview High School near the band room from 6:00 PM- 7:30 PM (or sold out).
All tickets are $5.00. Each purchaser is limited to purchasing TWO tickets at a time. After purchasing two tickets, the person may get at the end of the line and wait to purchase TWO more tickets. Each person may stand in line and purchase TWO tickets as many times as they wish.
Please bring cash in $5 increments so that you have exact change for the tickets you plan on buying. Change will not be given and tickets will not be sold when exact change is not presented. Tickets will not be held.
Tickets will be sold on a first come first serve basis. Tickets will NOT be sold at the gate.
PASSES of any type will NOT be accepted. CLOTH FACE COVERING MUST BE WORN WHEN PURCHASING TICKETS. If a visitor standing in line does not have a cloth face covering on at anytime while in line, a school official will ask them to step out of the line, direct them to apply their cloth face covering, and then ask them to move to the end of the line. Cloth face coverings MUST be worn while on Fairview District property unless the individual is in possession of a document not requiring them to do so by a medical healthcare official.
During the Game
Facility Requirements
Cloth face covering MUST be worn at ALL times on Fairview District property.
Cloth face coverings may be pulled down if actively eating or drinking while seated but must be replaced over the nose and mouth immediately after and during moments in which they are in possession of food or drink but not actively eating and drinking.
ALL spectators must be seated at all times except when going to the restroom or concession stand. Spectators should immediately return to their seat and not stand and socialize with others while transitioning.
Family groups that live in the same household or who have traveled together may sit together. Six foot social distancing must be followed between groups at all times while seated in the bleachers.
Physical Distancing of six feet is required when standing in line and between groups while seated in the bleachers.
Everyone that enters the facility will have their temperature checked and follow the COVID-19 checklist before entry. Anyone with a temperature of 100.4, has or shows COVID-19 symptoms will not be allowed to enter the facility.
No standing along the fences.
Children must be seated with their family at all times.
Fans must exit the facility immediately after the game.
End Zone Seating
There will be five marked 10’X10’ sections in the end zone that will be used for spectator seating. Spectators will bring their own lawn chair to sit in. Family groups that live in the same household or who have traveled together may sit in these sections. Maximum of four seats per section. Please contact Ben Coleman at 606-324-3877 to reserve end zone seating between the hours of 8:00-12:00 on Friday. These will be reserved on a first come first serve basis.
Fairview Independent School District officials are dedicated to making decisions resulting in the safest conditions for our students, families, community, and others who are part of our Fairview Family. District officials will require individuals to exit district facilities, if necessary, at any time in order to maintain this focus.
An all call will be sent out by the district tomorrow to allow more opportunity for this information to he circulated.
Thank you! Go Eagles!!! #TeamFairview

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