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Non Traditional Instruction Days 4 - 6

Fairview Families,
As you are aware, many school districts are experiencing the same challenges that we are experiencing right now. Unfortunately, these times are unusual and the flexibility we need at the school district level does not allow for many decisions to be made. Just this morning I have met with legislators who want to represent our needs in Frankfort. I am hopeful that there will be an opportunity for them to do so in the very near future; however, right now in the moment that we are in, we cannot wait. Decisions must be made to continue to ensure that everyone is safe and healthy. I am hopeful that greater flexibility in school district decision making this school year during the pandemic will come soon.
After an extreme amount of thought and consideration into everything involved, the best decision for our district at this time in order to ensure safe and healthy operations of our school district is to plan for NTI days #4-#6 to coincide with the holiday weekend ahead of us.
Students will have NTI instruction on Friday, September 3, 2021, Tuesday, September 7, 2021, and Wednesday, September 8, 2021. Students will not need to attend asynchronous learning with a teacher during this time and instead access work sent home with them tomorrow and/or online depending on their grade level.
The concern this announcement creates for our parents and families is understood by our team and I ask you, not for me, but for our team of educators who want to give your children their best in everything that they do, that you continue to show understanding. If you don’t understand, at this point after 18 months, I ask for your trust. If you can't understand or trust, I ask that you contact me directly and take your frustration out on me and not post negative comments that the educators who work non-stop for your kids have to read during a time when they are exhausted and cannot do more than they are doing.
Our students and educators need us to stay strong and stay together as a team – even when it is not so easy to do so. I can assure you that these decisions are not taken lightly and they are made in considering all involved with students ALWAYS being our #1 priority.
We will be back in person on September 9, 2021. I greatly apologize for the challenges this decision puts on you.
Kindest regards,
Jackie Risden-Smith

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