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Fairview Mask Requirement Information for All Indoor Facilities

Fairview Family,
In response to the actions taken by our legislature last week, the Fairview Independent School District is providing you this update in reference to face masks.
Our goal has been and will continue to be that we keep in-person instruction moving forward in a safe and healthy learning environment. The data since the start of this pandemic shows that students need to be in-person to receive the best educational outcomes. Our goal has not changed and will not change as these difficult decisions continue to be made.
We will continue to REQUIRE masks in ALL buildings and indoor events in the Fairview Independent School District.
These school district decisions are not personal or political in nature. Simply put, without masks, student and staff quarantines would rise SIGNIFICANTLY and we would not be able to attend school. Students and staff who are around a person at school who is positive for COVID-19 without a mask would be quarantined. This is required based on the guidelines we must follow and is not a local school district decision that we can make. The only exception would be a student who has been vaccinated and is not showing symptoms. At this time, many of our students do not have access to a vaccine due to their age. With the current positivity rate we are experiencing, it is projected that at this time the majority of students attending school in our district would be quarantined within a few days and repeated quarantines would be likely. We cannot maintain our goal of providing students the best educational outcomes possible if we make a decision that results in students being quarantined for long periods of time.
I understand that this decision will disappoint some, but we must continue to do what is in the best interest of our students and families while maintaining consistent focus on our goal of providing in-person instruction. Decisions made for our school district are focused entirely on our goal while considering the guidelines we MUST follow.
Please keep in mind that as we continue to navigate this pandemic, masking may become unnecessary in the future. We absolutely look forward to this being our reality and having this behind us. We will continue to evaluate circumstances and keep you informed. If the positivity rate declines and the local health department and/or the CDC issues guidelines allowing us to appropriately do so, the Fairview Independent School District will adjust masking guidelines.
We appreciate your continued patience, understanding, and teamwork since March, 2019 when this pandemic started impacting school district operations. We will continue to work diligently to keep our schools open while following the guidelines we must follow.
As a school district, we receive guidance daily. At the following link, you can review the guidance most recently received:
Kindest regards,
Jackie Risden-Smith

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