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Educational Beliefs

Mission Statement: 

To educate and empower students to become independent, successful, life-long learners.
Eagle Pride:  Every Student, Every Day
Core Values:
Excel, Achieve, Grow, Learn, Empower
E - Excel
A - Achieve
G - Grow
L - Learn
E - Empower
Belief Statement:  As a team of educators, we will be difference makers in the lives of our students by giving every child our best in everything we do.

The Fairview Independent School District will provide an educational program that will endeavor to use all available resources in developing a safe, secure and orderly environment conducive to student learning. The Board and the staff are dedicated to challenging and assisting students so that they can take full advantage of all opportunities while meeting all their responsibilities. In order to reach this goal, cultivation of the total child -- mind, body, and spirit -- will be required, in order that their lives will be rich and meaningful. Being situated at the confluence of the Ohio and Big Sandy Rivers, our community is the gateway to Eastern Kentucky. Our community has deep roots and interest in industry, including mainly coal, iron, oil, and chemicals. Our schools will endeavor to help our children realize that the opportunities of such an environment are practically unlimited. Our schools must help each individual to find a place in this environment in which his or her potentialities are fulfilled.

The administrative and instructional personnel of the system shall present a planned educational program that will be focused on these goals:

* A child-centered curriculum taught with imagination and intelligence and presented a personality that will give the child a feeling of belonging;
* Interactions with students, other staff members and the community that indicate no prejudice to anyone, regardless of race, creed, color, or religious beliefs;
* Preparation of our children to meet the needs, interest, and demands of the home, school, church, community, and the world and thereby be able to accept their place in society
* A determination to uphold the standards of good discipline, applied with firmness and dignity and resorting to force only as a last means;
* Protection of public property and the resolve to keep it presentable so that each child will regard it with respect and experience a feeling of belonging.
* Awarding grades and marks of progress based upon academic accomplishments

The Board of Education, the administrative staff, and the instructional staff therefore pledges themselves to provide an educational program of excellence to all children in the Fairview School District.