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Polices and Procedures

Statement of Responsibility for Selection
The selection of library/media materials is the responsibility of the certified library media specialist at Fairview High School. The LMS, in collaboration with the FHS community will use professional judgment and expertise in the selection of materials that supports the curriculum guidelines according to the Kentucky Core Standards.
Criteria for Selection
Materials selected for inclusion in the Fairview High School Library/Media Center’s collection will reflect the mission statement and
  • show educational significance in alignment with curriculum and standards.
  • enrich and support the educational needs of school community.
  • meet the needs of diverse learning styles.
  • be age appropriate with varied reading levels.
  • reflect diversity and be free of stereotype.
  • be accurate and current.
  • provide different points of view.
  • encourage life long love of reading and learning.
  • be attractive and functional in appearance.
  • cover a range of formats.
  • provide resources to support instruction.
  • support school-wide reading programs and reading development.
  • further the professional development of the staff.
Selection Procedures
  • LMS will evaluate available resources to be selected according to curriculum needs.
  • Materials will be examined in collaboration with users whenever possible.
  • Reviews of literature will be sought from reputable professional organizations.
  • Media materials will be selected by the professional staff in collaboration with administration, faculty, and students.
  • Gifts and sponsored materials will be reviewed by the LMS for relevance before added to the collection.
Weeding Policy
Weeding materials is a natural process for all libraries. Materials needing to be removed are those that:
  • no longer meet the needs of the schools community.
  • no longer meet curriculum standards.
  • are beyond repair.
  • are inappropriate
  • are inaccurate
  • are obsolete.
  • are unused or unnecessary volumes or sets.
Reconsideration of Materials and Resources
Fairview High School
Fairview Independent Schools
Fairview High School reserves the right made available in the First Amendment to the Constitution and supported by American Library Association to select and make available to students materials that accommodate a variety of needs and interest in the school library media center. Materials for the library media center are selected based on student and faculty request, award-winning and/or recommended reading lists, and the current Kentucky Standards.
Procedures for Challenging Materials
  1. When a person wishes to request a review of materials or resources, s/he must request the appropriate form from the school library media specialist (LMS).
  2. At the time of the request, the LMS shall inform the person requesting a review of the library’s selection policies.
  3. The complainant must return the completed form to the librarian or school principal within thirty days of the request. Only forms filled out in entirety will be considered a formal request for reconsideration.
  4. Upon return of the form, the principal will form a committee, which is to include the LMS, to review the material or resource in question. Each member of the committee will individually read, view or listen to the material or resource. Once this process is complete, the committee will meet to discuss the item. This committee will then decide what action, if any, will be taken. The complainant will be informed of the decision by the school principal within one month of receiving formal complaint.
  5. Any complaint needing further attention will be addressed by the Fairview Independent School Board.
(Copy of the form is attached to this policy)
Request for Reconsideration of Materials and Resources
Name of person making request _____________________________________________
Address ____________________________________________________________
Telephone number ______________________________________________________
Complaint represents _________self ___________________group
Title of item ____________________________________________________________
Type of material (print, digital, visual, etc) ____________________________________
Author/artist/composer/director, etc. ____________________________________
Publisher or producer ______________________________________________________
Date of publication ______________________________________________________
1. What do you believe are the theme and purpose of this item?
2. What age group would you recommend for this item?
3. What do you think might be the result of a student’s reading, viewing, or listening to this item?
4. To what in this item do you object? Include pages, frames, scenes or any details to help us review the exact objection.
5. Did you read, view, or listen to the material in its entirety?
If not, what part did you read, view, or listen?
__________yes _______________no
6.  In your opinion, does this item have any value at all? Explain why or why not?
7. What would you like the school to do about this item?
_____Do not allow my student to use it.
_____Do not assign it to any student.
_____Only make it available to students who wish to use it.
_____Withdraw it from all students.
_____Other (specify) ______________________________________________________
Date submitted Signature of Complainant
Please return this completed form to the school principal or librarian.